Pro-Life at U of Tennessee

“I would tell others that it is the most fun you’ll ever have building a culture of life-changing hearts and minds, saving lives and souls. If you can’t join us behind the barricades, then by all means, send all the money you can.”

— Female GAP Volunteer, University of Tennessee

“I was blown away. I had always said women have a right to choose, but when I saw those pictures, it caused me to face the reality that these are lives.”

— Kaki Hurley, Female Student, University of Tennessee (was rabidly pro-choice, now a pro-life activist)

“Of the 26 [women who visited our center], we are sure that 5 of the girls were pro-abortion and changed their minds because of your display. They were fussing about the vivid pictures, but admitted that the pictures had changed their minds about abortion. Three other girls were undecided about what their decision would be until we offered our alternative. All 3 are pregnant and will parent their babies.”

— Pat Job, Director, Pregnancy Support Center, Knoxville

“I had been a ‘fence sitter’ on the abortion issue before seeing the pictures. But after seeing the pictures, I now believe abortion is awful and can never be a pro-choice person or a ‘fence sitter’ anymore.”

— Freshman Male Student, University of Tennessee

“I can’t help but agree, your arguments are too good, and you are very good at it!”

— Female Rhetoric Professor, University of Tennessee