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How long will it take for this guy to change his mind?  Will it take 10 min?  20 min?  30 min?


"This is mind blowing. It looks like a baby. I've never seen abortion.
I think it's time to reconsider how I think."

- Student Passerby, Penn State University is the web presence of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, Southeast Region.  Thank you for dropping in on our website. Please take a few minutes to learn about our Campus Outreach. Find out what we do, why we do it, and the results we get.




What People are Saying…

“The fact that people are shocked and surprised by the images suggests that maybe the whole story isn’t being told. When evaluating the validity of a disturbing display like GAP, we need to ask: are we going to allow fear of disturbing some people to trump awareness of reality? Should we ever prefer ignorance to knowledge, however tragic and convicting that knowledge might be?”

Abigail Gaugert, Pro-Choice Columnist, NDSU Spectrum

“GAP helps many students understand their alienation from God and their need for a Savior. It’s also an opportunity for believers to express an authentic Christian faith by helping protect helpless children from the horrors of abortion and demonstrate compassion to fellow students who are wrestling with guilt over previous abortions.”

Chip Scivicque, Associate National Director, Campus Crusade for Christ

“She never took her eyes off the images, but as she started to cry, she whispered, “It’s just a word abortion! It flashes through your mind in seconds. I will never think about it the same way again!” At that moment, my doubts disappeared. I am convinced that no one who saw those images that week will ever think about abortion in the same comfortable way again.”

Chris Lefebvre, CBR Volunteer, Knoxville